They told me it wouldn't be that bad, it wouldn't hurt for long. They said that people have put up with far more for far less reward.

They said I would get used to it.

And for a while I fought back; we all did. They have no right to treat us this way. We're people, employees, not machines. “No matter how noble your goals,” we said, “your ends do not justify these means.”

But they wouldn't relent. A few people left. A few people just walked out. Others, like me, had to stay. We needed stability, still do. We have people to take care of, concerns beyond ourselves. Some of us quietly search for other employment. Some of us still ask them to relent.

Still, day after day we come back, put up with it, cope, make the best of where we are.

But not today.

Today is the day I fight back. I either leave or I demand they change.

because today I realized, blast it all, that I got used to it.