The Draft Before the First Draft

Writing is a weird, iterative art. Sometimes you have to write things three or four times before you understand what they really are. Sometimes a story starts off in one area with a given topic or thesis, and by the end you realize you were actually trying to write about this secondary character that was introduced halfway through. So you pick up their story and write that for a while.

Sometimes you need to just explore a theme, an idea, a concept. Maybe it'll turn into something bigger, maybe it won't. Maybe you'll introduce a character halfway through that needs their own story later on. Maybe you just need practice writing the way an artist keeps sketching or a musician practices their instrument.

So here's a lot of practice. Here is a lot of the proto-stories, the little bits that can't wait to grow up, the other little bits who are destined to be broken down, mulch for better stories to grow out of.

Maybe when some of these stories grow up into bigger stories they'll show up on one of my other blogs, or one of my books. Maybe you'll run into them there, and figure out who I am, connect the dots.


I'm using the excellent Drafting* mono font for this blog, to re-create a typewriter feel, to sort of express that this isn't a final form, this is a manuscript.