Kids, I need to talk to you both. I want you to know that I'm not mad and that nobody is in trouble, but we need to ensure that we all understand our family rules.

Your mother and I got home this morning and found the kitchen messier than we left it, and the two of you were “asleep”, or at least, in bed.

Now, we were young once too, and we know how things can happen. I'm going to give you two a moment to let either of you come forward and explain what happened.


Rowan, nothing to say?

Hazel? Anything?

Very well. Let me see if I can create the sequence of events.

You needed to clean the kitchen, but didn't want to. So far I'm on board, who does like cleaning the kitchen? So someone in this room decided to perform a Summoning.

Now now, don't look surprised. You're both of an age where you've started exploring Summoning, and honestly that's a good thing! But let's look at what happened:

Can either of you tell me what went wrong?

Okay, first off: the circle is much more of an oblong, which might have worked, but it's bad form. I suppose it's artistic but I should hope you will practice the Craft more carefully.

Second, the salt shaker is on the edge of the circle! I had quite hoped that you would be beyond these mistakes, my children. An interrupted circle is less than useless at containing a Summoned creature, as I'm sure one of you learned.

But since you both seem entirely surprised that any of this happened, let me continue my conjecture.

This circle was designed to hold a daemon, I'm guessing. One that no doubt should have been tasked with keeping the kitchen clean.

But given the sloppy nature of the Summoning, I'm guessing our mysterious Summoner got an Imp, or possibly even a Fury. That hastily summoned being proceeded to wreak havoc until the sunrise. Does this sound familiar at all?

Oh, not you, Hecate. I didn't say “is this my familiar?” You're just fine. I wasn't calling you. But since you're so obedient, unlike some people, here's some catnip.

So, where should we start? First off, children, I need you to understand that Summoning is a right, not a privilege.

No, a right, R-I-G-H-T. Obviously it's a rite, R-I-T-E. Please don't try to distract me, Rowan.

When you perform a Summoning, you are taking on the responsibility for a new Entity coming into this world, and for their actions. Yes, I know you've heard these words before but clearly they didn't sink in last time.

When you Summon, what you are really doing is binding the will of a being that exists outside of yourself to your will. this doesn't have to be creatures from the Other Side, if you know their full name, you can perform essentially the same magic with mortal beings.

Hazel Circe Chastian, you will be quiet until I leave the room

See? As I said, if you know what you're doing, and you know a being's Name, you can use your Will to override that of another being in this reality, but you need to be careful. Set a specific purpose and a specific time. Also, Stop laughing at your sister, Rowan.

Sigh. Well, We were all young once, I suppose. Very well, children, you need to clean up the kitchen. And yes, Hazel. I know it was him. Stop pointing fingers. Whose fingers are those? Put those back. Anyway, as I was saying, Being, Purpose, and Time limit are the keys to a successful Summoning, or a successful Binding, in some cases. Observe:

Rowan Atlantes Chastian, you will clean the kitchen before dawn tomorrow.

See how easy that is? Good night children.